Sunday, October 18, 2009


Made this in an hour or so...if it says it's by "The Vallees" on itunes it's because I played it on my radio show later that day, but wanted to give it a different band name. I decided on "The Vallees" because of a packet of Hidden Valley Ranch I had nearby and to give it a sixties-ish garagerock band type name (The Monks, The Leaves, The Dovers, The Bees, etc.).

Sharpen your axe, for my attack

Hey watch where you are walking
Hey watch where you are walking now

Frustration by The Vallees

I might keep posting new songs that won't necessarily be on the next album.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


After much listening and deliberation I have decided upon the five winners of a physical copy of the Surfhunter EP. They are, in no particular order:

1) Surfhunter Mash by Ectoplasm
A mechanical drone remix that used vocal howls to their fullest. I can hear snippets of the other songs in there, but because it's hard to distinguish whats there made it all the more awesome.

2) Orange Glow Remix by Blossom and Surrender
Blossom and Surrender took a 2-second sample of Orange Glow and layered and pitched it to create dense, noisy chords which I find to be incredibly clever. The fact that the opening of it reminded me of "Keen on Boys" by The Radio Dept. made it a shoe-in for the contest.

3) Crystal Cathedral Remix by Surf Team
Surf Team is one of the coolest groups I have ever encountered and their remix is even cooler. Emulating the drone inherent in the original, the spaced-out verses layed over the re-cut song made this one I played over and over again. I especially loved the line about Joe Meek and "good vibrations forever."

4) Orange Glow Remix by G.3.R.D.
Incorporating a sample from the Beach Boys' "I'm Waiting For The Day", G.3.R.D. strips out the dense drones of the original for light catchy guitar lines that allow the song as a whole to breathe really well. I think his remix is as good if not better than the original version.

5) Spirit Journey Remix by F-16
"Journey" couldn't describe the remix any more perfectly. A driving, organic drum beat complete with yelps complements the cut-up and repeated vocals well. To me it functions like a DJ mix as F-16 slowly and gradually fades in and out of songs on the EP. Even though the vocals can sometimes come in off-rhythm, I find that the new beat established keeps the song from becoming overly repetitive.

All of the above winners will receive a physical copy of the Surfhunter EP, of which no more than 10 exist in the world. Thanks to all who entered!
I really enjoyed listening to every single one.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


With the release of the new "Surfhunter EP" (WHICH CAN BE DOWNLOADED FOR FREE HERE) also comes a neat remix contest. First download the remix tools (instrumentals, acapellas) here:

All of the songs are in the key of Db Major.

WHAT: Spirit Spine's "SURFHUNTER EP" Remix Contest
WHY: Remixes are fun, duhhhhhhhh...
WHEN: Starting now (June 8th,2009) and it will end at 11:59PM June 22nd, 2009. (But if it's really good, rules may be bent, contorted, flexed, etc.)
HOW: Download the "SURFHUNTER REMIX TOOLS" .zip folder. It contains both instrumentals and acapellas of all of the songs on the EP.
WHERE: Submit all remixes to:

EXT. INFO: Do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you want to these songs. Mix and match vocals with music (They're all in the same key.) Record your own vocals over it. Make up a new guitar or synth line. Use clips from movies/television/video games. Mash it up with The Pixies or throw a Tone-Loc beat over it. Make it techno. Fuzz it out. Go "Girl Talk" on it and mix all three songs with 200 other songs. Make some hard electro banger or create some ambient sleep music. I don't know. The more different it sounds from the original, the better it will probably be. Slice it. Cut it. Remix it.

PRIZES: Five (5) remixes will be selected. These winners will receive an actual physical copy of the EP that will include original, handmade artwork along with other little treats in the package. There will be no more than TEN (10) official, physical copies of the Surfhunter EP in existence. Own a piece of Spirit Spine history today!

SOME PSEUDO LEGAL STUFF: I will own no rights to anything you send me. Everything you send me will be yours and yours alone. I won't sell any of your remixes or try to pass any of your remixes off as my own. It is yours. HOWEVER, selected remixes (the winners, really peculiar ones, etc.) will be posted on the Spirit Spine Blog and be made available for download by all. If you would prefer your remix NOT be able to be downloaded, just mention it in your email/entry. Let's all just be cool about this. Cool? Cool.



Friday, May 29, 2009

Ep progresssss

Currently, 1 out of 3 tracks is completely done.
These 3 tracks will be for an EP coming out in 
Early June and will be completely free of charge.

The SURFHUNTER EP will also have a remix contest
in conjunction with it's release. The prizes will include 
actual, physical, handmade copies of the EP
of which less than 10 (i think so) will exist
More information on all that jazz later.

In the meantime, pop in your favorite record, pop some popcorn and just wait a little bit. Cool? Cool.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

what is a blogspot

is this blogspot? if so, good.
i have never used this before.
this is the first post.
i will post....
an EP? for free?
you will download that whenever i get to 
posting that. so...
heads up?