Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spirit Tape Se7en

Spirit Tape Se7en by Spirit Spine on Mixcloud


For some reason I picked a lot of female artists. I think female voices sound better than male voices, but sometimes girls can get lazy and fall into that cutesy indie-girl vocal style. I wish I could switch between having a male singing voice and a female singing voice. There's one song on the album that would really benefit from that. I'd do choir-y vocals with it. Anyway, now here's the tracklist:

1. Visionaire #53 by Panda Bear

2. Dancing With Friends by Julianna Barwick

3. I'll Keep It With Mine by Nico

4. Things I Did When I Was Dead by No Age

5. The Warrior by Honey Ltd.

6. Some Things Cosmic by Angel Olsen

7. Microrangers by CVLTS

8. Her Sinking Sun by Coma Cinema

9. The New Sane Scramble by Jana Hunter

10. A Cover Over by Grouper

The Julianna Barwick song is probably one of my favorite songs. I remember listening to that over and over when I drove to my internship 45 minutes away during the summer and singing words I made up to it. I tried recreating a similar song to put on the album, but I just don't have the magic that Julianna does. I saw Jana Hunter's band Lower Dens a few nights ago and they were really awesome. See them if you get the chance. There's another song she does called "Laughing and Crying" that's also great. Anything by Grouper is a winner. I think Angel Olsen is one of my favorite artists I've found this year and I hope she puts out an album sometime soon. She's really talented.

Recording the album is going by pretty good. I've got three more songs to finish that are already in various stages of completion. It's taken a little longer because I scrapped one of the songs and started writing a completely new and different track. I'll post the album art and a tracklist soon. Like within the next week.