Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spirit Tape Ten (The Last One!)

Spirit Tape Ten by spiritspine

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1. The Strangest Secret Intro by Earl Nightingale

2. Do Your Best by John Maus

3. Isis by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

4. Horses by Dirty Beaches

5. Back Seat '38 Dodge by Opus 1

6. Read Stuff That Is Not Baptized At by Jonny Greenwood

7. Haikuesque (When She Laughs) by Bibio

8. Xtal by Aphex Twin

9. All I Need by Clams Casino

10. Ebudae (Lo-Fi Remix) by Enya

11. Dub on Fire by The African Brothers

I think this might be the most cohesive mix I've ever made. Many of the tracks have had effects put on them so that they blend in well with each other. I re-mastered the Dirty Beaches song to give it a fuller, slightly more echo-y sound. I'm really happy with the way the Enya song turned out.

And if you haven't listened to Glossolalia yet, then you are behind the curve my friend:

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spread/Hide/Distribute GLOSSOLALIA


So I have roughly 150 0 (all out! thank you to everyone who took some!) of these little card-sized ads for Glossolalia that I've been hiding in record stores, magazines, places I've traveled to, etc. They each have a different cut-up section of the album cover on them.

However, there are only so many cards I can hide myself (cuz I don't travel too far too often) which is why I'd be really thankful if YOU would like to take and hide a few somewhere.

Just email me your address (my email is in the banner at the top) and how many you want (minimum of 5 please) and I'll send some to you! Postage and all that jazz is on me, you just gotta make sure you put the cards some place where they'll (one day) be found. You can keep one or two if you'd like to also...

Some ideas of places to hide them include:

  • Record stores
  • Your favorite music magazine
  • Book stores
  • etc.

Thanks again for all of your support,


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Press for Glossolalia

Here's some of the press my album "Glossolalia" has received.
It will be updated as needed.

Let me know if there's something that should be added.
My email's up in the header.

In near-chronological order:

Hearts and Thanks,

Monday, February 21, 2011

Spirit Tape Nine

Spirit Tape Nine by Spirit Spine on Mixcloud


1. Firebird by White Noise

2. Down To Middle Earth by The Hobbits

3. Lost Dream by Digits

4. Theme Number Four by Pye Corner Audio Transcription Services

5. Sommersonnenschein by Novisad

6. Song of Bliss by Khalsa String Band

7. Wine and Roses by John Fahey

8. State Trooper by Bruce Springsteen

9. Erik's Song by Slowdive

Tracks 5 through 9 were all songs that I listened to a lot during the making of Glossolalia. The guitar work on "Wine and Roses" influenced the guitars on my song "Thirst". "Lost Dream" was a pretty recent discovery for me, but the chorus of that song is really intense and dark. "State Trooper" is probably my favorite Bruce Springsteen song. I listened to his album Nebraska a lot while recording my album. I like the ambient break provided by tracks 4 and 5. They divide the mixtape up pretty well. I really like the cover art I made for this too.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Glossolalia" out now!

The new album (Glossolalia) can be
streamed/purchased over at my Bandcamp page.

Not only can you get yourself a digital download, but you can also
get a limited edition CD package that comes with a digital download.
Pictures and details about this package are on Bandcamp.

Too lazy to even click the link above to stream the album? Fine.

Here it is via Soundcloud:

For those who don't buy things off Bandcamp,
the album will be available on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, etc.
on February 1st, 2011 (As stated in this press release)

Thanks to everybody who ever reads this blog. Ya'll are great.