Sunday, November 7, 2010

"GLOSSOLALIA" Press Release

Large Hi-Res Album Cover Art:

Glossolalia by Spirit Spine
Lovegiraffe Records LG04-1

After a year of writing and recording in his bedroom and his parents' basement, Spirit Spine (the recording name of Indiana-native Joseph Denney) returns with his third album, Glossolalia. Meaning "the religious practice of speaking in tongues," Glossolalia leaves behind the synths and samplers of previous albums in order to craft the soundtrack to an imaginary desert epic.

The album follows the story of a preacher traveling by airplane who crashes into the desert, leaving him the only survivor. As a result, the preacher must wander the desert in search of food, water, and civilization. Along the way he questions the religion that brought him there and the God who may, or may not, exist.

Dedicated to famed skeptic and magician James Randi, Glossolalia wraps the listener in a heat-warped haze of bending guitars, hypnotic drumming and chant-like vocals that draws on influences like Grouper, My Bloody Valentine, Boards of Canada, Bruce Springsteen's "Nebraska", and the Smithsonian Anthology of American Folk Music. Because of the new sonic and thematic territory explored by Glossolalia, one may have to resort to made-up pseudogenres like Desert Dub, Sandgaze, or Heatwave in order to describe Denney's new album.

Glossolalia was expertly mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk of Stereophonic Sound (Grouper, Nite Jewel, The Antlers).

1. Gauze
2. Ocean of Sand
3. Mission Bells
4. Ritualistic
5. Thirst
6. Hunger
7. Fennec Fox
8. Ascension
9. Sorro

Recorded Aug. 2010 to November 2010

Released January 21st, 2011 digitally and
as a special edition CD limited to 100 copies on Bandcamp.

Released February 1st, 2011 on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, etc.

Large Hi-Res Album Cover Art: