Wednesday, June 24, 2009


After much listening and deliberation I have decided upon the five winners of a physical copy of the Surfhunter EP. They are, in no particular order:

1) Surfhunter Mash by Ectoplasm
A mechanical drone remix that used vocal howls to their fullest. I can hear snippets of the other songs in there, but because it's hard to distinguish whats there made it all the more awesome.

2) Orange Glow Remix by Blossom and Surrender
Blossom and Surrender took a 2-second sample of Orange Glow and layered and pitched it to create dense, noisy chords which I find to be incredibly clever. The fact that the opening of it reminded me of "Keen on Boys" by The Radio Dept. made it a shoe-in for the contest.

3) Crystal Cathedral Remix by Surf Team
Surf Team is one of the coolest groups I have ever encountered and their remix is even cooler. Emulating the drone inherent in the original, the spaced-out verses layed over the re-cut song made this one I played over and over again. I especially loved the line about Joe Meek and "good vibrations forever."

4) Orange Glow Remix by G.3.R.D.
Incorporating a sample from the Beach Boys' "I'm Waiting For The Day", G.3.R.D. strips out the dense drones of the original for light catchy guitar lines that allow the song as a whole to breathe really well. I think his remix is as good if not better than the original version.

5) Spirit Journey Remix by F-16
"Journey" couldn't describe the remix any more perfectly. A driving, organic drum beat complete with yelps complements the cut-up and repeated vocals well. To me it functions like a DJ mix as F-16 slowly and gradually fades in and out of songs on the EP. Even though the vocals can sometimes come in off-rhythm, I find that the new beat established keeps the song from becoming overly repetitive.

All of the above winners will receive a physical copy of the Surfhunter EP, of which no more than 10 exist in the world. Thanks to all who entered!
I really enjoyed listening to every single one.


  1. All these tracks are really good... REALLY good.

    Do all the artists have MySpace pages? I can't find anything for G.3.R.D., F-16 or Ectoplasm (the Ectoplasm remix is my favourite right now).

  2. I'm pretty sure G.3.R.D. doesn't have one
    and F-16 has one but under the name of a band he's in and I'm not completely sure about Ectoplasm.