Monday, February 22, 2010

That Buck Remix

This is an old remix I did for an awesome group called Surf Team of a song they have called "That Buck." You can listen to the original on their Myspace here: They did a sweet remix for the Surfhunter Remix Contest and this is one I did at around the same time. I was bored and they had the stems available so I figured "why not?"

Also, this is a remix where I pretend to be Girl Talk. It is great fun.

The samples I use in it are (in order):

1. Train in Vain by The Clash (it's those drums)
2. When The Levee Breaks by
Led Zeppelin (More drums)
3. 20th Century Boy by T. Rex
4. You Know My Name by
The Beatles (Amazing, underused piano riff)

Okay, with these two samples I meant for them to complement each other, basically as a phrase saying "It's tricky, but it's alright." I just feel like making sure you know that.
5. It's Tricky by Run-DMC
6. But It's Alright by
J.J. Jackson
Also, everyone should go and get this song or buy an album from him.
J.J. Jackson is a national treasure. Just look at him:

7. Blitzkrieg Bop by The Ramones
8. Maps by
Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Drums again, plus a guitar!)
9. Devil's Haircut by

1 comment:

  1. Damn, that beatles piano riff is amazing. This sounds more like Fatboy slim than gt, and that is a compliment.