Monday, February 21, 2011

Spirit Tape Nine

Spirit Tape Nine by Spirit Spine on Mixcloud


1. Firebird by White Noise

2. Down To Middle Earth by The Hobbits

3. Lost Dream by Digits

4. Theme Number Four by Pye Corner Audio Transcription Services

5. Sommersonnenschein by Novisad

6. Song of Bliss by Khalsa String Band

7. Wine and Roses by John Fahey

8. State Trooper by Bruce Springsteen

9. Erik's Song by Slowdive

Tracks 5 through 9 were all songs that I listened to a lot during the making of Glossolalia. The guitar work on "Wine and Roses" influenced the guitars on my song "Thirst". "Lost Dream" was a pretty recent discovery for me, but the chorus of that song is really intense and dark. "State Trooper" is probably my favorite Bruce Springsteen song. I listened to his album Nebraska a lot while recording my album. I like the ambient break provided by tracks 4 and 5. They divide the mixtape up pretty well. I really like the cover art I made for this too.

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