Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spirit Tape Ten (The Last One!)

Spirit Tape Ten by spiritspine

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1. The Strangest Secret Intro by Earl Nightingale

2. Do Your Best by John Maus

3. Isis by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

4. Horses by Dirty Beaches

5. Back Seat '38 Dodge by Opus 1

6. Read Stuff That Is Not Baptized At by Jonny Greenwood

7. Haikuesque (When She Laughs) by Bibio

8. Xtal by Aphex Twin

9. All I Need by Clams Casino

10. Ebudae (Lo-Fi Remix) by Enya

11. Dub on Fire by The African Brothers

I think this might be the most cohesive mix I've ever made. Many of the tracks have had effects put on them so that they blend in well with each other. I re-mastered the Dirty Beaches song to give it a fuller, slightly more echo-y sound. I'm really happy with the way the Enya song turned out.

And if you haven't listened to Glossolalia yet, then you are behind the curve my friend:

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