Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spread/Hide/Distribute GLOSSOLALIA


So I have roughly 150 0 (all out! thank you to everyone who took some!) of these little card-sized ads for Glossolalia that I've been hiding in record stores, magazines, places I've traveled to, etc. They each have a different cut-up section of the album cover on them.

However, there are only so many cards I can hide myself (cuz I don't travel too far too often) which is why I'd be really thankful if YOU would like to take and hide a few somewhere.

Just email me your address (my email is in the banner at the top) and how many you want (minimum of 5 please) and I'll send some to you! Postage and all that jazz is on me, you just gotta make sure you put the cards some place where they'll (one day) be found. You can keep one or two if you'd like to also...

Some ideas of places to hide them include:

  • Record stores
  • Your favorite music magazine
  • Book stores
  • etc.

Thanks again for all of your support,


1 comment:

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